Doctors in Specialist Training


Here at Gamston Medical Centre we are pleased to be a GP Training Practice, which means we help train the GPs of the future. The GP registrars are fully qualified doctors and they work here at the practice for a period of either 4 months or 1 year to gain experience working in General Practice. Their status is equivalent to hospital registrars and they bring their knowledge and experience to the practice. The practice has to adhere to strict quality standards to be able to train GPs and there is no compromise to patient care.

Medical Students

The Practice is committed to training medical students from the Nottingham Medical School.  At times a student may be sitting in with your doctor or we may ask the student to see you first.  If you Do Not wish to see the student and wish to see the doctor alone – please tell the receptionist upon arrival. At times doctors undergoing training need to video consultations as part of their ongoing training. Let the receptionists know if you are not happy to consent to this.

Education and Training

The Practice is committed to ongoing education for all doctors and practice administration staff. Training sessions are necessary for staff members to remain up-to-date in new procedures and information of patient care and services.

The Practice will be closed whilst training activities take place. The Practice endeavors to have training sessions during the middle of the day to lessen the impact on clinics times and services. Training Doctors will sometimes video consultations with your consent in order to review their consultation skills.